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Bluesail Surgical's debut in Asia at the Year of the Dragon!

Add Time2024.03.16

On 16 March 2024, KIMES 2024 (hereinafter referred to as "KIMES 2024"), a medical device, hospital equipment and healthcare exhibition in Seoul, Korea, was successfully concluded!

Jointly organised by Korea's renowned Korea E&Ex Inc, Korea Medical Device Industry Association and Korea Medical Device Industry Joint Committee, KIMES 2024 is a professional exhibition certified by the Union of International Fairs (UFI). It aims to promote foreign trade exchanges and cooperation in the medical industry between Korea and the world, especially the neighbouring countries in Asia, and to provide a global stage for the oriental medicine and medical equipment industry. Through exchanges and trade negotiations at the exhibition, it promotes the world's understanding of the oriental medicine and medical equipment industry, expands the space for international development, and provides more opportunities for international trade.

As a rising star in minimally invasive surgery in China, Bluesail Surgical made its debut at KIMES 2024. While showcasing its innovative products and core business product pipeline, Bluesail Surgical also hopes to demonstrate its brand strength to the medical markets of neighbouring countries in Asia through KIMES 2024, and to attract the attention of more medical practitioners and distributor partners.



South Korea is China's close neighbour, although only about 50 million people, but the economy ranks in the world's top 20, the pharmaceutical industry market size of more than $ 10 billion, the world can rank the top ten. South Korea's industrial development, Samsung and Hyundai and other large companies, such as the name of the thunder, on the surface of the Chinese medical enterprises in South Korea is difficult to play a role, but the reality is not so. South Korea's heavy industry is very developed, such as automotive, smelting, shipbuilding, electronics are the world's top level, but looking at South Korea's medical enterprises, few of the world's level, so 70% of South Korea's medical products need to rely on imports, which is in stark contrast to Japan, Europe and the United States. In recent years, the proportion of China's medical equipment products exported to South Korea has risen rapidly.



Seoul, the bustling capital of South Korea, is a perfect blend of Eastern modernity and traditional culture. The towering modern skyscrapers and ancient palaces are a perfect counterpoint to the city's unique charm. The streets of Seoul are bustling with people hanging out in shopping malls and food courts. The world-famous Seoul Tower stands in the centre of the city, overlooking the hustle and bustle of the surrounding area. As night falls, the city is illuminated in a picturesque setting. And in the quiet alleyways, traditional Korean teahouses and barbecue restaurants offer a taste of the original Korean culture. Whether it's a modern shopping paradise or an ancient cultural relic, Seoul attracts visitors from all over the world with its diversity and vibrancy, making it a must-see travel destination.



In this exhibition, Bluesail Surgical's booth was crowded with visitors, especially the RenoVue®/ RenoPort® Single-Use Intracavernous Closed Lens Cleaning and Puncture Device, which was developed and designed by Bluesail Surgical, was attracted by the key attention of many professionals once it was displayed.

The unique and innovative selling points of the RenoVue®/RenoPort® Novel Abdominal Lens Cleaning Device, the closed-Looped cleaning function, pulsed air-ballistic flow technology and the unique "W" base film anti-fogging technology have been praised by the visiting professionals, and these small and subtle designs effectively solve the problem of repeated lens contamination during minimally invasive surgery.

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In addition, Bluesail Surgical's Astrolux® (Starshine™) series of Smart Powered Endocutter also attracted the attention of professional visitors and agents. This series of products is equipped with intelligent chip to support one-handed operation, realising intelligent output, intelligent pressure and intelligent feedback, bringing surgeons a brand-new surgical experience. The product's multi-angle Spy-beak fittings and snap-on design enable it to deal with all kinds of large and small veins, and reduces instrument placement injuries.

TisFree® ultrasonic soft tissue cutting and haemostatic device for safe closure of 5mm vessels. Precise algorithms and efficient control allow the tip to strike a balance between cutting and coagulation, resulting in superior vessel closure.

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On the exhibition site, Bluesail communicated deeply with new and old customers, collected product feedback suggestions as well as personalised demands for the further improvement of our branding in the international market.

As a rising star in the medical field, Bluesail Surgical, while continuously achieving technological breakthroughs, has also established deeper links with the world and contributed to the expansion of the global health ecosystem. Through exchanges and co-operation with the international medical community, Bluesail Surgical continues to develop advanced medical technology and equipment. At the same time, Bluesail Surgical actively participates in international academic conferences and exchanges to promote international co-operation and exchanges in medical research.

In addition, Bluesail Surgical has also established close partnerships with international medical institutions to jointly conduct clinical research and medical programmes to provide better healthcare services to patients around the world. 2023 marks the first collaboration with Prof. Diego Gonzalez's UMICS Institute in Lisbon, the first shot in the arm for the continued building of a high-quality academic platform accessible around the globe! Through this deep linkage, Bluesail Surgical has not only made technological breakthroughs, but has also set an example for the continued expansion of the global health ecosystem, driving the development and progress of the healthcare industry.

Bluesail Surgical will continue to uphold the concept of "Me First" original research and innovation, deeply participate in academic exchanges, and link with domestic and foreign experts to contribute to the development of global health.