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The Inno-Life Journey | Bluesail Surgical Sets Sail in the Year of the Dragon, Exceptional Reception for Arab Health

Add Time2024.02.28

Recently, the 49th Arab Health 2024, one of the top events in the global healthcare industry, was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, where Arab Health gathers global medical professionals every year with its strong influence. In 2024, the Middle East medical device market experience a full blossom again with manufacturers from around the world showcased their latest innovations here, and one of the brightest spotlight comes from enterprises from China.



Located in the north-eastern part of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is one of the country's major cities and one of the economic centres of the UAE. Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates and enjoys a relatively autonomous status, but remains under the supervision and leadership of the UAE's federal government. Known for its well-developed financial, trade and tourism sectors, Dubai is home to one of the world's busiest cargo ports and a major aviation hub, Dubai International Airport. Dubai is a diverse and cosmopolitan city that attracts immigrants and tourists from all over the world. While retaining traditional Arab cultural values, it also showcases a modern and open side, with luxury shopping malls, world-class hotels and entertainment venues, and a diverse range of culinary and cultural activities.



Meanwhile, Dubai's medical market is world-renowned for its modern medical facilities and high standard of care. The market has attracted international medical institutions and specialists to set up clinics and hospitals offering a wide range of specialised medical services. Dubai is also aiming to become a popular destination for medical development, attracting patients from all over the world seeking high quality medical care and treatment.

Bluesail Surgical responded to the national initiative of " Belt and Road".

The Middle East medical device market is a very important market for our country, the domestic medical device industry continues to study and improve, ploughing into the vast market, linking millions of business opportunities. As a rising star of minimally invasive surgery, Blueail Surgical has been actively responding to the national initiative of " Belt and Road", and has been participating in Arab Health for many consecutive years. While showcasing its innovative products and core business pipeline, Bluesail Surgical also hopes to demonstrate its branding competency in this huge medical market in Dubai, hoping to attract more attention from medical professionals and distributor partners.

In this exhibition, Bluesail Surgical firstly introduced the world's first Novel innovative product - RenoVue®/RenoPort® Novel Intra-Abdominal Lens cleaning Device.

The RenoVue®/RenoPort®, a Novel Intra-Abdominal Lens cleaning Device, has four core technological advantages, including a new closed cleaning system, pulsed air-balistic flow technology, a unique "W" base structure, and a smart contact-less switch, which help doctors to achieve in-situ cleaning with high efficiency. In-situ cleaning also ensures patient safety and greatly enhancing the efficiency of the procedure. At the same time, this has became the focus point of professional visitors and becoming the star product in our exhibition booth.

Bluesail Surgical's new Astrolux® series of Smart Powered endocutter features the triple intelligent design of Intelligent compression, Intelligent Feedback and Intelligent Output, the removable multi-angle beak shaped anvil tip and other special features, etc. The Astrolux® series not only has intelligent features, but also enhances human-machine interaction, which significantly improves surgical efficiency while ensuring surgical safety.


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TisFree® ultrasonic soft tissue dissecting and haemostatic device provide safe sealing of 5mm vessels. Precise algorithms and efficient control allow the tip to strike a balance between cutting and coagulation, resulting in superior vessel sealing.

Improving the clinical application and pursuing excellence

Bluesail Surgical's participation in the exhibition is not only to showcase its innovative products on the international stage, but also to enhance the influence of the company's brand. The company has always been adhering to the concept of "Back to Basic", and constantly strives to provide the society and clinicians with more intelligent, convenient, comfortable and humanised minimally invasive surgical products. At the same time, Bluesail Surgical is also committed to exerting its own resource advantages, joining hands with the industry to carry out multi-level, high-quality and distinctive academic training and exchange activities, and contributing to the construction of "healthcare bridges" along the Belt and Road initiative by cultivating local professionals. 2023 is the year of the first cooperation in Lisbon with Prof. Diego Gonzalez's UMICS Academy, which will contribute to the continuous construction of a high-quality academic platform with global accessibility. In 2024, Bluesail Surgical will continue to actively respond to national policies and contribute to the building of healthcare bridges along the Belt and Road!

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Throughout the Arab Health presentation, Bluesail Surgical has shown the world the power and innovation of China's local surgical brands. The company will continue to keep its original intention and adhere to the spirit of independent innovation in research and development to bring more surprises and outstanding products to the international medical industry.

Standing at the new starting point of Arab Health 2024 and embracing the wider world, Bluesail Surgical will continue to be committed to promoting global surgical therapies in the direction of more accurate, minimally invasive and non-invasive treatments with fewer complications and better prognosis, for the benefit of patients with all kinds of benign and malignant diseases around the world. As an emerging force in the field of minimally invasive surgery, Bluesail Surgical is also fulfilling its commitment to promote minimally invasive surgical product innovation and technological development by adhering to the concept of long-term development, and is looking forward to working together with experts around the world to develop and progress together. Further broaden the boundaries of co-operation, converge the global advantageous resources, and continuously expand and upgrade the medical and healthcare innovation ecosystem of co-construction, co-creation and sharing, so as to continuously contribute to the development of the global healthcare cause.