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Home page News The 15th Academic Congress of the Saudi Surgical Society (SGSS 2024) concluded successfully in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia!

The 15th Academic Congress of the Saudi Surgical Society (SGSS 2024) concluded successfully in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia!

Add Time2024.01.13

The 15th Academic Congress of the Saudi Surgical Society (SGSS 2024) was successfully concluded on 13-15 January 2024 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The three-day gala meeting brought together experts and scholars in the field of surgery from all over the world to discuss a wide range of surgical topics and promote international academic exchanges and cooperation in the field of surgery. The 15th Congress of the Saudi Surgical Society attracted professionals from all over the world, including surgeons, researchers, and medical device industry practitioners. The event provided participants with the opportunity to delve deeper into the field of surgery, share their experiences, expand their network, and work together to advance the industry.

Jeddah, the site of the Academic Congress, is known not only for its long history, but also for its unique cultural landscape. Jeddah, situated on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia, is the largest seaport city in Saudi Arabia, as well as a centre of commerce and culture. Jeddah is renowned for its modern architecture, luxury hotels and stunning waterfront views. The port of Jeddah, one of the largest on the Red Sea, provides indispensable support for international trade.

In addition, Jeddah is also the centre of a vibrant medical device market, attracting international manufacturers and professionals. Advanced surgical techniques in the medical field are widely used in Jeddah to provide a high level of care to patients. The city's cultural scene contrasts with its long religious heritage, vividly demonstrating the diversity of Saudi Arabia.

Participants not only immersed themselves in academic exchanges in this exotic city, but also experienced the unique charm of Saudi culture. This fusion of cultures added a special colour to the academic conference and left participants with unforgettable memories.



Bluesail Surgical is committed to building an international academic exchange platform and vigorously promoting the collision, exchange and dissemination of cutting-edge academic ideas, thinking and achievements in the field of surgery. The Saudi Arabia academic exchange activities are rich in content and significant results, experts from China and Saudi Arabia discussed and shared rich academic knowledge and clinical experience, which helped to promote international academic exchange and cooperation.

On 13 January, representatives of our Hubei experts had a fruitful exchange at Jeddah Hospital to discuss the latest medical technologies and surgical methods.



The Hubei experts shared their years of experience and research results in the field of surgery with the Saudi experts. The experts discussed the challenges and opportunities in surgery in their respective countries and worked together to find solutions to improve the level of surgery for the benefit of more patients.



On 14 January, Hubei medical experts participated in the SGSS Congress to gain insight into the cutting-edge development of surgical techniques in the Middle East. Chinese experts actively participated in the academic discussions and shared the research results and practical experience in the Chinese medical field. They gained an in-depth understanding of the research directions, technological innovations and trends in clinical practice in the field of surgery in the Middle East. The experts marvelled at the cutting-edge technologies and innovations of the Saudi surgical community, and they believed that this participation not only broadened their horizons, but also laid the foundation for academic cooperation in the Middle East.



During the conference, Hubei medical experts had an in-depth China-Saudi medical exchange with the President of the conference, Prof Asharf, who said that the active participation of Hubei experts in this conference not only injected the unique style of Chinese medical knowlege into the SGSS conference, but also brought richer international academic resources to the Saudi surgical community. The in-depth exchanges between the two sides will help to promote the cooperation and development of the international surgical field, and provide more advanced and efficient medical solutions for patients around the world. At the same time, Prof Asharf also expressed his high appreciation for the rapid development of China's medical career and believed that the medical cooperation between Saudi Arabia and China has great potential. He said that by strengthening medical exchanges between China and Saudi Arabia, we can promote the common progress of both sides in the field of medicine and contribute to the global medical cause.

The Hubei experts also said that their participation in the conference made them more aware of the importance of international medical exchanges. They hoped that through the co-operation with medical experts from Saudi Arabia and other countries, they could learn from the international advanced experience, continuously improve their own medical level, and provide better medical services for patients in China. At the same time, they also hope to promote the excellent achievements of Chinese medicine to the world, so that more patients can benefit.

Bluesail Surgical actively responds to the call of China's "Belt and Road" initiative and promotes international academic exchanges and cooperation in order to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation in the field of medical science and technology. In order to better promote the common development of medical research and practice, Bluesail Surgical is committed to building more academic exchange platforms with international level, providing high-level learning, communication and cooperation opportunities for the majority of medical workers.

Bluesail Surgical is committed to promoting the global upgrade of surgical technology towards more precise, minimally invasive and non-invasive, with fewer complications and better prognosis. This will not only help to improve the level of surgical treatment in China, but will also benefit global patients and contribute to the health of the world's people.

In the future, Blueasil Surgical will take the "Belt and Road" initiative as a guideline to continuously strengthen international exchanges and co-operation, and promote the development of global surgical therapies. By creating more international academic exchange platforms, cultivating high-quality medical talents and introducing advanced medical technologies, Lansfan Surgical will contribute to the innovation and progress of the global medical field and make unremitting efforts for the health and well-being of the world's people.